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eProcurement FAQ

Before this system, buyers combed through separate product catalogs that featured more than tens of thousands of items. Purchasing and paying meant multiple phone calls and faxes between suppliers and customers. Approval of purchases within agencies was done manually via paper. Vendors were mailed purchase orders and vendors mailed back invoices. The invoices were manually checked and approved before payments were made. The process was time consuming, expensive and prohibited productivity. This situation, coupled with availability of technology, were the catalyst for the new e-procurement system.

Yes. There is an annual registration fee collected from vendors.

$125 annually. $275 annually, for current contract holders. To provide the business community with real time selling tools and the latest technology, a yearly registration fee has been instituted for procurement transactions. The fee is collected from all suppliers who wish to do business with Nassau County. Nassau County will collect this fee at the time of registration or renewal.

This system reduces costs of goods and services because it provides the opportunities to leverage its significant buying power by enabling Nassau County to act as a single entity during contract and purchasing negotiations.

  • Reorganized purchasing activities throughout the County;
  • Revised and streamlined agency workflows;
  • Initiated agency-to-agency productivity comparisons for the first time;
  • Provides vendor performance feedback; and
  • Provides enhanced technology.
  • Real Time bidding opportunities and increased exposure to procurement activities.

Yes. All transactions are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL), an Internet security protocol. The same secure purchasing statutes apply.

The benefits to vendors of using this system include:

  • A single point for vendor registration. Vendors register once and their information is then available to all buyers using the system. Vendors also have the ability to maintain their information 24/7
  • State-of-the-art tools. (Electronic, Internet-based transacting) The system allows vendors to provide a consistent and more efficient way of doing business with the County.
  • Increased access to government buying entities; and enhanced economic development opportunities for small businesses and Certified Minority businesses (CMBE’s).
  • Online, interactive quoting and bidding. Vendors are able to submit electronic responses to informal quotes and formal sealed bids.
  • Mobile Acces. Easily retrieve your information from any mobile device with an internet connection.

We know that Vendors will incorporate the registration fee into their pricing. That is a fact. However, we believe that prices will actually stay the same or decrease due to a number of factors including:

  • Vendors have incentive's to get paid faster and are willing to take a “discount” for faster payment
  • Vendors enjoy increased benefits in the system through access to more bid opportunities, more efficient electronic interaction and consistency across the County enterprise for procurement activities.

Pricing will still be determined based on market competition for contracts, and all vendors will incur the same fee.

The registration fee helps pay for the development, implementation and operations of the e-procurement system; this includes the services required to effectively implement this system on a daily basis, develop and execute ongoing training initiatives for both buyers and vendor customers, and provide the ongoing maintenance and services needed to sustain the system’s success.

Yes, eventually all Executive Branch agencies are expected to buy all of their goods and services through this system.

This system is web-based so agencies and vendors have no software to buy or maintain. The minimum end-user requirements are:

  • Windows or Mac based operating system
  • Recently updated web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc)
  • Internet Connection
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Beginner computer skill level
  • Beginner skill level navigating Internet

Energy FAQ

Nassau County Shared Services has established a real time Energy Portal to streamline and simplify the current process of fuel and energy procurement. Our new cloud based system allows users to instantly view current pricing, access blanket contracts, locate vendors and gain market insight.

By collecting the information entered, Nassau County Shared Services can instantly aggregate this data, allowing leveraged buying opportunities and cost savings initiatives to be quickly identified.

Yes. All users will be required to register. Requests regarding energy contracts and pricing will now be directed to

Yes, this site is web-based which requires only an internet connection to access. It is also compatible with your internet ready smart phone and mobile device.

Currently this site is available for contract and pricing information only. Nassau County Shared Services will announce future implementation of purchasing capabilities as they become available.